You're lucky I didn't show you what IT'S running from

This is not a guest comic! East Coast weather has played havoc with the airlines, so a weekend trip to Massachusetts has unexpectedly turned into a week, and I’m still not at home where I can access my computer. Left without my database of weird images, my choices were to scour the web for something usable to make a comic…or do something a little more fun. I’m staying with Jeffrey Rowland at the moment, and while he doesn’t have shelves full of Victorian books like I do, he most certainly does have art supplies and a scanner. So I drew and colored this comic for you! I’m sure our regular players are fervently hoping that this mysterious new character doesn’t find his way back into the normal strips…but who knows?

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Here is a long interview about creativity and making things!

I did this podcast interview a while ago and I don’t think I shared it at the time. 

It’s pretty interesting I think! Put it on while you do the dishes or something, maybe you will be inspired. 

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