When the wind is in your face, you're either moving or being blown at.

The great webcomic A Softer World posted its final strip yesterday. Joey & Emily started their comic in February 2003, just two months before I started Wondermark. When I first happened across their strip, I felt a certain kinship just because it was someone else making comics without laboriously drawing everything (like a sucker). I think too few creative people develop the discipline to end things when they’re ready to end them.

If you haven’t read A Softer World before, you have a treat waiting for you. The melancholy is greatly flavored if you picture Joey’s wolfish grin as you read.

When you’re bright, be loud.

Today’s comic revisits another of the heroes from my #Pintopia campaign! This time, it’s that famous satellite of the planet on which most of us live – Luna, the Moon.

We first heard from this celestial character in the classic comic #302.

I have also gone back through the archives and added the new tag #astronomy to past comics involving our various friends in the heavens.

In doing so, I realized there are also quite a few comics featuring the moon in a supporting role, in the context of werewolfery — but that is another topic altogether.

I will let you know when I have completed the assignment of a #lycanthropy tag.

Meanwhile, the loud round one is also the subject of a brand new pin design, once again part of…


Once again I am including this picture of my brand-new pin designs!

You can read more about all different my pin designs over on the campaign page.

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