Antlerman REVEALED

More than one person has written in asking about the bike-rider character from Comic #684! Well, his name is Malfidactus O’Rourke and he is originally from Duluth. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and he plays racquetball when he can find a partner who likes to go early on weekdays. He lives in a two-bedroom townhouse just outside of Chicago and he recently had a terrible, terrible hunting accident.

7 thoughts on “Antlerman REVEALED”

  1. I would stab someone in the face for a T-shirt with that image on it. Actually, I would probably just pay money for it. I don’t have the constitution to actually go through with anything more violent than a dirty look.

  2. He has a Criminal Justice degree and yet he ignores the law against hunting while on a bicycle? The scofflaw gets what he deserves.

  3. “What does one do with a bachelor’s in criminal justice?” The same thing one does with a bachelor’s in the humanities….go on to graduate school.

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