2 New Cast Cards for March!

oldie but a goodie

I’m very excited about these two new Wondermark Cast Cards!

For reference, I’ve set up a permanent index page of all the cast cards released to date. These two new ones are cards #7 and #8.

Card #7, below, features Herve Ashley-Woodcock, of classic Wondermark episode #378 (also known as the “Jinx bear one”).

Mr Ashley-Woodcock is the latest Patreon exclusive card — I’ll be producing copies of him solely for the Patreon subscription tier members. He’ll come tumbling through the mail toward you the moment March is over! (Patreon processes each month’s pledges at the start of the following month.)

If you hop on the subscription tier right now, you can still stake a claim on March before the month is out, and claim a copy of Herve for your very own mailbox.

Card #8, at the top of this post, is good ol’ Professor Buckplatz, of Roll-a-Sketch! You may also recognize his august visage from the 2014 Wondermark Calendar.

The Professor will be a convention exclusive card, for now. If you come say hello at any of my shows this year, you can claim a copy of the Professor by commissioning a Roll-a-Sketch.

SPECIAL CONVENTION BONUS NOTE: Our online promotion for the Library Ace Cast Card has now closed. BUT, I will bring a handful of the Library Ace card to conventions! If you pick up five books, or can demonstrate that you have five books at home (by showing me a photo or something like that), I will proudly award you the Library Ace card, then and there.

Both the Roll-a-Sketch card and the Library Ace card will be accompanying me to all conventions in 2016 (starting with AnomalyCon in Denver, this very weekend!).

Other, different cards will continue to appear throughout the year. In what contexts or paired with what offerings, who can say??? Not me, because I have not planned that far ahead just yet. But I have figured out these two!!

going deep on this one

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