Today I felt like drawing a rhino

Today I felt like drawing a rhino

Trying to get better at coloring. I ain’t great but I’m working on it!

What do you feel like doing?


  1. JerryfromMontana

    Awesome rhino!

    I feel like filling a slow cooker with dead things and then eating it 8 hours later.

  2. Mike Bonsall

    I feel like re-animating the dead things in your slow cooker so they all do a freaky necromancy dance thing when you lift the lid

  3. Shannon

    pitching forward into my empty cereal bowl.

  4. Randy

    After seeing your drawing, I feel like finding my old copies of the comics, “Hip Flask,” and “Elephantmen.”

  5. Me

    What’s wrong with the coloring? Looks pretty good to me. In fact i like the whole image.