SoCal electricians: Any advice for my friend?

My friend and colleague Todd Croak-Falen (who produced and co-wrote my short spy spoof Expendable) is applying to the Electrical Training Institute of Southern California’s apprenticeship program (Los Angeles Local 11 chapter). He passed the written test with flying colors and is now scheduled for an interview on Wednesday as the next phase of the application. He hopes to become an Inside Wireman.

I thought I’d use my soapbox here to ask: are you an electrician with a familiarity with this program? Would you be able to offer Todd a few words of advice regarding what to expect in the interview, or how to make the best impression? What are they looking for? Please email me (dave at wondermark dot com) and I will forward all comments to Todd.

His interview’s this Wednesday morning, so a quick note now is better than a treatise later! Todd’s a smart dude, a hard worker, and I’d love to give him the best shot at getting into this program. Thanks so very much!

4 thoughts on “SoCal electricians: Any advice for my friend?”

  1. I’m in Local Eleven, been in the trade for 15 years now. 11 is decent, we normally have plenty of work to go around, especially for apprentices. Basically you’ll want to be earnest and straightforward during your interview. These guys worked for a living before they went into the management. Show them that you’re here to learn a skilled trade, you’re willing to put in whatever is required, and have a positive and intelligent manner.

    See you in the field

  2. They’re accepting apprentices in Los Angeles? That’s truly shocking. They haven’t in Chicago for a few years now (except for a few *very* connected people who surely had to reach into their deep pockets.) My dad’s Local 134, and when those guys get laid off, the hall tells them to expect 18 months off, but the reality is now beyond two years.

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