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A Homemade Calendar Stand


Reader Nancy B. has written to share her homemade “WonderBox”! I love seeing stuff like this. She has constructed a custom holder for her 2014 Roll-A-Sketch Calendar.


Nancy writes,

Dear David,

I am attaching pics of my DIY WonderBox.

I thought you’d like to see how I dressed up my calendar with reused goods:

1 cigar box
4 carpet tacks (perfect size for the holes you punched)
1 pencil to prop open if I go for the slanted on-desk look.

It holds upcoming “pages” and stores past ones, which I plan to reuse by turning them into birthday cards for friends, as I send them “their” date!

Thanks for the Wonder-ful creatures.


Nancy’s model works either on a desk, canted at a jaunty angle, OR it can stand at attention on a shelf.

Thanks for sharing, Nancy! Neat!!



Flickr photo by Kiana Wilson

I want to share an email that I received last week, from Marksman Geoff S., regarding Panel 3 from Comic #978:

Dearest Mr. Malki !,

Oh my, I thought I read the word, “STEMP” and I had this epiphany that that was the real name for a pumpkin stem (or perhaps that of any gourd), all woody and cut to look like a tree stump, and that somehow I had lived over 40 years of my life without knowing that piece of trivia and I was MAD at life for not knowing it sooner because it made SO MUCH FRICKIN SENSE HOW DID I NEVER KNOW THAT A PUMPKIN STEM WAS CALLED A STEMP?

Anyway, then my eyes caught up with the pixels and I saw the question mark.

Thought you’d like to know. Please keep up the terrific work.

Well, Geoff, this is the best email I’ve received in at least a week. I posted it on Twitter and received this reply:

I immediately agreed, and knew at once that I should enlist the aid of my friend Erin McKean at Wordnik, which is a site that tracks definitions, unusual words, neologisms, and the ongoing march of language.

Not an hour later, this existed.

It has no citations or formal definitions yet, because as descriptive linguists know, a word isn’t real until people use it. So go out and “stemp!” (Also: stemp is not a verb.)

A new Piranhamoose-O’Lantern

Check out this great Piranhamoose-O’Lantern from reader Sarah Z., who says “I was inspired by last year’s piranhamoose-o-lanterns!”

By which, of course, she means THESE.

I’m not a very skilled pumpkin-carver myself, but here’s the one I made this year:

It was at my wife’s work, where lots of people from the office made their own! I liked this one best, from one of her co-workers:

It looks like it’s saying “sssshhhhhsffffftttttt”

Just imagine that outside your window right now.

Real faint, but in a quiet moment, distinct:


Piranhamoose-O’Lantern REDUX

Check out this awesome Piranhamoose-O’Lantern from Beth B.!

Of course this will be added to the canon next to the amazing work of Amber from years past:



“Emperor” Sweepstakes RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Emperor of the Food Chain during the sweepstakes entry period! Time to award some GREAT PRIZES.

METHODOLOGY: Everyone who sent in a valid entry form, whether online or in the mail, had the chance to specify which drawing(s) to be entered into. Their entry (or entries) are entered into each drawing separately — so if someone had two entries, and chose two drawings, they got two entries in each drawing.

I then assigned each entry in each drawing a unique number, and used a random number generator from to pick the winners. So without futher ado…


The one-of-a-kind signed and framed Piranhamoose print, featuring the fearsome skeleton of the beast on display in a museum of horrors, is awarded to… (more…)