Today is MOD-Day.

As I write this, 2:02 AM Pacific time on October 26, Machine of Death is #53 on Amazon’s bestseller list. This is (as the graphic above indicates) a 14,000% increase from yesterday’s ranking.

Would you like to read some of this book? Here are the first forty pages. I am so incredibly proud of this collection.

If this book makes it all the way to Number One at any point today I will give you five Wondermark strips next week.

Buy it right now!

UPDATE: It is 4:39 AM and the book is up to #24. I am freaking out a little

UPDATE It is 9:37 AM. I woke up a little bit ago but couldn’t climb out of bed, I was too nervous. What if I had missed everything? What if we’d peaked and now were sliding rapidly back down the slope behind Glenn Beck’s new book?




  1. Matt

    Definitely just bought it, and i am SO excited to read it! Good luck getting to #1, you have my support!

  2. Paul

    Just committed to a delivery which might be as late as December 15th (stupid UK!) but at least now I can feel I had some small part in getting the book up to it’s current slot of #12! The 64,991% increase in sales makes me smile 🙂

  3. Tim

    Got mine ordered as well, in the UK along with Paul though it might be a while before I get to read it.

    Still at #12, but has reached #1 for SF Anthologies. Hopefully the timezones mean there is a big push to come from people in the US when they get home after work tonight…

  4. Dane

    I hear and obey. Five strips is worth the book price.

  5. Bill

    Well, the Malki! collection won’t be complete without a #1 bestseller as well. You’re currently in the top spot under the Movers and Shakers tab. Clearly more tab domination is imminent.

  6. Roger

    Alright, you made me buy it. Damn you and your internet peer pressure!!!

  7. Allie

    Bought it, and IT’S AT #5!!! 😀

  8. Baldassbat

    bought mine just now, still at #5

  9. J. Romigh

    It’s as if they made this book just for me. And several hundred other people.

  10. J.B.

    Just going to point out at as of 10:57 EDT, the book’s rank is up 97,320%. Ninety-seven THOUSAND percent. I don’t even know what that means…

  11. Alex

    Just bought 2. One for me and one as a Xmas present. MOD’s at #5! Can’t wait to read it!

  12. Kevin

    Just bought my copy, and MOD is at #2!

  13. Bourgeois_Rage

    Just purchased. Still at #2.

  14. Bourgeois_Rage

    Just purchased. Still at #2.

  15. Will Culpepper

    I ordered mine then looked at the Rank.
    Holy effin’ eff!
    It’s #2 in Books, #1 in Books>SF>Anthologies.
    Can that be right?

  16. Garrett

    Picked it up, anything by you and Ryan is gold. Bought it at #5, came back half an hour later and its #2. Niiiiiiiiice. Looking foreward to 5 strips this week!

  17. Esteban

    #1!!! Congrats. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  18. J. Romigh

    It is now #1. Congrats guys!

  19. Luanne

    Having just seen it hit #1 on, I feel the need to say congrats. 🙂

  20. Karen

    Congratulations, you did it!

  21. Charlie

    Congratulations! This is terrific! Way to get, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  22. BeardBros

    At 1:30 pm EDT
    “1. Ranking has gone up in the past 24 hours 591,900%
    Sales Rank in Books: 1 ”

    Very impressive! Bought the book. Now the Kindle Edition?

  23. kit Yona

    from just one of the very grateful authors, thank you all so much. Also thanks to the editors and their FIENDISHLY EVIL AND EFFECTIVE marketing plan!

  24. James

    Congrats to Malki!, Ryan, and everyone else involved in this project! I started reading the PDF preview after ordering, and now I really, really want that book to get here.

  25. J.B.

    Reiterating @BeardBros, the book’s rank went up HALF A MILLION PERCENT to #1!!!!

  26. Bob

    Congrats! Looking forward to my copy.

  27. Anonymous


  28. Dave

    Happy to play my part at 5am EDT. Congrats!

    (And where is my elephant?)

  29. Felonius

    I just ordered a copy to help you beat out Grisham’s book on this list:

  30. David Manheim

    Congrats on being #1! You made it!

  31. Luggagemonkeys

    Keep it up, people! The day ain’t over yet, and we can’t let it slip back down! We must remain vigilant against the readership of Beck, Grisham, and (saints preserve us) that pickled rascal of a man Keith Richards.

    Ordering mine now

  32. Tim

    Well congratulations!

    Interesting that the price has come down almost 50% as the sales have gone up – is that an Amazon thing, do they charge less, and presumably pay the publishers less, as the sales go up?

  33. Falafel

    Bought, and pimped on Facebook. Heck, for $10 a new scifi anthology is a must-have – there is always something great in a SF anthology. And it helps me pay you back for all the fantastic comics you’ve made. Congratulations on successfully scaling the bestselling book-heap!

  34. Jerzy

    I really hope your slip didn’t say BESTSELLER. Congrats!

  35. Rabbit

    What’s really interesting to me is that the price has automatically dropped 45%. The demand for bestsellers must be elastic! And I’m actually considering buying it now, so Amazon’s pricing strategy is quite effective…

  36. Jeff

    Well, yuh got me! I’m having it shipped to the Netherlands since I wanted to buy it on amazon US. Congratulations on your awesome achievement guys!
    And, roll on 5 Wondermark strips 🙂

  37. Morgan

    @Tim, that is interesting, as I paid $29 overall with shipping. I thought with the USD being what it was, maybe this was our time, but no, the Aussies get screwed once again. ENJOY, AMERICAN BOURGEOIS PIGS.

  38. Elusis


  39. John Chew

    Congratulations on hitting #1. Let us all know if you want us to buy another copy tomorrow! 🙂

  40. Mike

    Bought this as soon as I could. Paid $29 with shipping to OZ which is not a HUGE amount of money and it’s for a good cause and all. Woke up this morning and the Price is down by 45%. Did you expect this to happen? Seems like all the people who really came out to support MOD day got the tightest deal. In future people may be tempted to wait for the price to drop which in turn may make a book not actually get to number 1. It seems that this situation sets a bad precedent for any future projects like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching about the extra couple of bucks, but if all the people who got in quick to make MOD work see a negative reward, a project like this may not work again in the future.

  41. David Malki !

    @Mike: That’s a good point and a fair one. The price drop wasn’t our doing at all — apparently Amazon automatically discounts bestsellers, I guess to help keep them moving? We didn’t know that ahead of time, and were just as surprised as you were.

    We ARE offering a 100% free ebook version of your choice (Kindle, ePub etc.) to anyone who forwards us their Amazon receipt — so hopefully you’re still getting good value for the price!

    Details here:

    Guys this is really amazing, I can’t even come close to expressing how grateful we are to everyone!

  42. badmartialarts

    Heh, I was waiting on buying Earth and the new Riordan book just to make sure my purchase counted to #1 status.

  43. Matt

    Just a heads up.. I ordered one earlier, and a second one later after the price dropped. I called up Amazon and asked them why the price dropped, and the woman on the phone was surprised and changed my price to the lower one.

    The people on the phone are either sneaky or dumb; either way, I got two books for the price of the original. Call them before it ships!

  44. Mike

    That’s a really nice offer. Like I said, it’s not a huge amount of money but it just seemed like it would be a little self defeating for future projects. Thanks for replying, it’s nice to know there’s a non-gaxian entity toiling behind this site.

    Congratulations on getting this scheme working. You must feel like one well loved non-gaxian entity right now.

  45. John Chew

    My copy arrived just now in Toronto, hooray!

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