You get five Wondermarks next week.

This is incredible. This is so far beyond amazing that I don’t have words for it. It is incredimazing. It is trementacular. It is absocrazifreakiperfluously staggerblasticating.

What’s amazing isn’t just that we’ve made it to #1 — we have stayed there all day. This is insane.

Here is an audio message from me and Ryan, trying to come to grips with what has happened.

More here:

• We’re accepting your forwarded receipts (from a sale of a print edition) to info at machineofdeath dot net. Specify your preferred flavor of ebook and we’ll have a free copy winging your way as soon as the files are prepared.

• The official release date for the PDF version and the first episodes of the podcast is November 2nd.

• Amazon has (temporarily?) lowered the price on the book without prompting from us — probably something they do automatically once the title reaches a certain threshold? If the price was an issue before, take another look!

Our first review:

…Machine of Death expands its scope outwards as you approach the middle, however, expanding into different genre and offering up some concrete information about the world we’re playing in. (“IMPROPERLY PREPARED BLOWFISH” is a particularly fun gangster thriller while “MURDER AND SUICIDE, RESPECTIVELY” and “NOTHING” are sort down-to-earth science fiction twisters.) The overall theme itself matures, moving into stories that are simultaneously goofier (“EXHAUSTION FROM HAVING SEX WITH A MINOR”…we meet again, Mr. Croshaw.) while taking a more considered look at the Machine of Death and its consequences (“CANCER” by David Malki !). At this point you’re pulled in completely, despite the similarities, and the anthology really begins to shine.

Machine of Death is highly engaging, interestingly crowdsourced, and crafted with a great deal of care. You’ll be thinking about it long after you’re through reading. (I personally finished the book with a wishlist in my head of authors I wanted to see tackle the concept.)

And we’re still going strong. I got Wondermark Artist Editions ready to drop, I should probably remind you that I’ll be at Long Beach Comic-Con this weekend, I got all kinds of TopatoCo stuff to talk about — but this is incredible.



9 thoughts on “You get five Wondermarks next week.”

  1. It was already at #1 by the time I got there, but with the lowered price I decided to buy two. Question regarding this ebook version: is the Amazon order number/confirmation email any good, or is it only physical receipts you’re talking about? Given I’m over in Australia, I’m sure you can imagine I wouldn’t mind an ebook while I’m waiting for the real thing to arrive.

  2. Congratulations! I’m a bit surprised you had enough stock at amazon for all these orders – or are you using amazon’s print-on-demand service?

  3. I have to admit once I saw the discounted price, I felt I had to participate. Looking forward to getting the book just in time for Halloween.

  4. Stupid Glenn Beck called out to his Glennomaniacs and demanded they buy more of his book, which they did with their Social Security checks. :/

  5. I bought it yesterday… it was a complete, total impulse purchase. I don’t even know what’s in it. I just thought it was awesome and I really had to be part of it. Did you put some hypno-javascript in your RSS feed? 🙂

  6. Wait, so Ryan is really doing that thing with a strange baby that he once had T-Rex talk about? How many more of the “fictions” in Dinosaur Comics are secretly confessions about his own creepy, creepy life?

  7. I can’t find this on D:
    Congratulations though!! I am desperate to read it- looks fantastic. Keep up the brilliant work!

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