Machine of Death FAQ & Lincoln ATTACK

Over on the Machine of Death site we’ve answered some questions about our upcoming October 26 flash-mob superblitz, and raised a few more of our own:

While we’re happy to offer [a Kindle] version for folks who don’t want to deal with a physical book for any of a million great reasons, it should be said that Amazon treats a Kindle book as an entirely separate product from the printed book. Thus, buying the Kindle version doesn’t contribute to the main flash-mob campaign. If we can get a secondary campaign going for the Kindle version, great, that’d be amazing! But we’re also a little concerned about splitting the effort.

Should we make a Kindle version? What are the implications for the campaign? We also talk about time zones and some other stuff; go check it out and give us your thoughts! Other questions about the project can be directed over there as well, so everyone can see them and contribute (rather than sequestering them here on Wondermark).

I also feel like this is a fine time to share this photo sent in by Marksman Alexandre I., who explains:

Four of us share a suite in a dorm here at Pittsburgh University, with two rooms and a conjoining lounge. We despise blank walls and have a rather exorbitant printing budget of 800 sheets per semester, so we rasterbated Lincoln to the ambitious scale of 7×14 A4 sheets or roughly 6.5ft x 10ft.

Tremendous, Alexandre. Tremendous.

(Rasterbator is, of course, the website that blows up and allows you to print out massive wall-sized images made from individual sheets of paper. Should everybody do this, with every one of my comics? I think the answer is obviously yes)

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  1. By the way, PosteRazor does the same thing (link in name). Just thought you guys might like the option. I hadn’t considered doing a Wondermark image though…to the archives!

  2. EXCELLENT. Just this past week I was trying to figure out a way to do this for the infamous Bibliophibian strip, for the wall next to my bookshelves.

    Now to figure out the best way to hijack a campus printer…

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