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More original Gaxian Almanac paintings!

Many thanks to Eric from Toronto who won the last auction for an original piece of Gaxian art! I have just put up three more paintings for your perusal, enjoyment, and potential ownership:

ON FASHION: “An older Gaxian in an ostentatious mood might cloak herself in a ten-meter tower of shimmering ‘velvet’…”


ON DEATH: “A Gaxian who has died is a Gaxian who has found a new existence in the digestive systems of his or her closest broodmates and hivefellows…”


ON BICYCLING: “…Well-known for her ascent via fixie of the Simmering Volcano and subsequent claiming from its lava-choked core the ancient and priceless Blackened Skull of Argaxia…”


As before, each auction starts at just 99¢. You can also click through if you just want to read the captions!

After this batch, I will have two more batches, likewise of three paintings each. Then, that will be the end of this collection! Everyone will be happy, forever.

When I Was A Kid Websites Were Where Spiders Lived

Time for more Twitters similar to last time

Best comedy sketches from The Late Live Show

I was very sad to hear of the passing last week of comedian Dan Ronan. If you’ve never seen him perform, here’s one of his hilarious characters for Chicago’s The Late Live Show: 40-year veteran cartoonist “Tim Negoda”:

This entire video series of character monologues from The Late Live Show is wonderful and well worth your time. Two others of my favorites are Janelle Otter, Angel Expert and Young Adult Author Roxann Darb.

Custom shirts for teams and events!


I received a note the other day from reader Christen W., who mentioned that she and her husband and some friends were going to do a mud run, and were interested in calling their team “Ninjas on Unicycles” (after this comic strip about defending one’s thesis).

One thing that I often do, but don’t mention much, is prepare custom batches of shirts for teams, organizations, or events!

In this case, Christen made reference to an older T-shirt I used to offer, which featured an illustration of a ninja riding a unicycle. I whipped up a batch on Safety Orange for their happy mud gang, pictured above!


If you’re interested in a custom batch of shirts, the minimum quantity is 15. I am happy to work in your team or group name and logo, and/or something from a particular comic, and/or an adaptation of one of my existing shirts.

Feel free to email me (dave at wondermark dot com) and I’d be pleased to give you a quote!

Original Gaxian watercolor for auction


Last year’s Wondermark Calendar, The Gaxian Almanac, featured 29 original illustrations of Gaxians (drawn by me, watercolored by Max Loren Shepard), exploring their unique and terrible way of life!

I’ve matted this particular one with an acetate overlay (featuring the text from the calendar page) and I am now offering it on eBay starting at just 99¢.

(Click any image for bigger.)


I had a lot of fun offering these originals to interested readers last Christmas, so I’m keen to share more of them. I have a handful of different paintings left from the calendar…but of course each is original and the only one of its kind.


Bid early, bid often! Enjoy!


Oh and if Gaxian paintings are not quite your style, I also have a severely water-damaged 1977 MGB manual if you want that. Maybe just for the cool textures??