anyone read the 'ask a mexican' column in the alt-weeklies?  true story - i went to college with that dude and at one point apparently made him so mad that he wrote a letter to the school paper complaining about me
#274; In which Faith is Renewed

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NEXT WEEK: Emerald City Comic Con!

Once again, I am returning to the Emerald City for its eponymous comic convention!

Once again, I will be found on the 4th floor skybridge between the convention center proper and the building across the street.

As the show has grown more media- and pop-culture focused, most of the indie artists have migrated up to the 6th floor Artist Alley. But personally, I like the natural light (and the elbow room) on the 4th floor!

Also, once again I will be hosting The Lost in Wikipedia Game Show! on Sunday, March 17.

NEXT WEEK: Emerald City Comic Con!

My intrepid competitors this year will be:

At the booth this year, I’ll have Wondermark enamel pins (which debuted at Gen Con last summer, so they’re new since last ECCC), plus my usual complement of nonsense.

Still working on the new hardcover collection…It won’t make it to this con, sorry to say. But I will have paperback copies of The Elephant of Surprise!

Hope to see you (OR FEEL YOUR IMMATERIAL ESSENCE) at the show!

Check out: Vintage artwork from Rawpixel

Today’s comic “The Master, and his Piece” was made using images from the Rawpixel Design Resource Library!

Specifically, the main two figures are from the curated Vintage Valentine’s collection:

Check out: Vintage artwork from Rawpixel

There are a lot of stock image libraries out there, but Rawpixel is the first commercial one I’ve seen that actually acknowledges when certain images are in the public domain and makes them available for free.

Rawpixel’s collection is associated with The Public Domain Review, which is a great site with essays about topics related to vintage works of art and literature.

The P.D.R. essay Frankenstein, the Baroness, and the Climate Refugees of 1816″ by Gillen D’Arcy Wood completely changed my understanding of that very well-known book.

I recommend that site highly for lots of thought-provoking reading! And Rawpixel for pictures seems pretty cool so far too!

OBLIGATORY REMINDER: Thank you so much to all the new patrons on the Wondermark Patreon page! I just posted a new 2 Minutes to Wondermark video for patrons.

This Friday, February 15, is the last day of our Special Offer, in which all patrons at the $5 tier or higher will get three different downloadable Wondermark desk calendars! As well as my undying gratitude, OF COURSE.

Talkin’ shop with podcast guest Brad Guigar

Following up on last week’s Patreon Special Offer announcement, thank you so much to everyone who’s joined the team! I’m very grateful for your support and I look forward to pumping your brains full of lovely things.

As both a thank-you to new patrons and a preview for non-patrons, I’ve made the latest of my “Malki on the Mark” podcast episodes — which are usually all Patreon-exclusive — free to listen to.

I thought this one in particular would be interesting listening to anyone who enjoyed the discussion about the survey results in my last post.

Talkin’ shop with podcast guest Brad Guigar

In this particular episode, I speak with cartoonist, podcaster, and smutmonger Brad Guigar.

Brad helps me dissect some of the survey results, and we also mull over the question of what sorts of premium content might be worth considering for my Patreon.

So I thought it would be great fun to DISREGARD ALL THAT FINE ADVICE and make this premium episode available for free! Enjoy!

…And an extra-special thank-you to everyone who’s joined up on Patreon at the $5 tier or above. As a reminder, I’ll send out the free downloadable calendars to all patrons at that tier or above on February 15th! (As described last week.)

Talkin’ shop with podcast guest Brad Guigar