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#073; In which the Nuts of a Poet suffer Injury
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Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!

Here are a few of the Roll-a-Sketch drawings I did for folks at Gen Con earlier this summer! (Click the images for a closer look.)


Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!


Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!


Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!


Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!

I’m pretty fond of this last one, I gotta tell you. But lest we think there’s only one way to do a unicorn artist:


Roll-a-Sketches from Gen Con!

I have it on good authority that this is the original version, and Rockwell just cribbed from it from the past somehow.

It’s the FINAL DAY for the book Kickstarter

I’ve been crowing about this for a while now, so I assume you know about the Wondermark book Kickstarter already if you’re interested!

Here’s just a final reminder that the campaign ends FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2 at 4pm Pacific. UPDATE: It’s over now! If you missed it, you’ll have another chance to pre-order a bit later.

(And you can pledge for a digital copy for just $6 if you don’t need or want any more physical books!)

It's the FINAL DAY for the book Kickstarter

You’ll still be able to get the book later, once it’s printed and we receive actual copies in hand, but the money we raise during this period will determine how many pages the final book will have.

I’m pleased to announce that with less than 24 hours remaining, we have broken the $20K stretch goal, and now the book will be (AT LEAST) 140 pages long!

It MIGHT even get longer still, if we can break $22,500 in the final day. Which could happen! UPDATE: It did! The book will now be 144 pages long!!

We ALSO broke the 400 backer count goal, meaning now every order will ship with a sheet of word balloon stickers, so you’ll be able to correct or amend any bad punchlines that accidentally make it into the book.

The sticker sheet will come with a selection of both blank balloons (so you can write your own punchline), and also some handy pre-written punchlines for general use anywhere. I think it’ll be a pretty useful item.

That’s it! The Kickstarter will end tomorrow, and then hopefully we’ll get back onto something like a regular schedule around here with comics. The endless sick elephant saga of ’18 will conclude in two final dramatic episodes next week!!

Three places to hear my THOUGHTFUL VOICE

Here’s a video about me and my workshop! This is where I come to work each day, and where I ship your orders of stickers and pins and stuff from.

The video was made by Jesse Thorn’s Bullseye, the NPR interview show. It was one of a series on creative workspaces that Jesse showed as part of a lecture tour! Now it’s online, for the rest of us.

I love it. I think it really captures the things I like best about my work.

I also spoke with Jesse and his co-host Jordan Morris this week on their comedy podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! — an hour-long freeform conversation about important topics such as my busted toe, a deer that has a bad day, and the permanent smell of cabbage.

(Note that there’s some NSFW subject matter in part of it.)

I was also on JJGO back in 2011 and in 2013! And on Jesse’s prior interview show, The Sound of Young America, in 2009. In that one I actually talk about Wondermark a little.

This week I was also on Tom Merritt’s Daily Tech News Show! This one is a very Wondermark-heavy interview. We dig deep into the weeds on the strip, including the TRUE SECRET ORIGINS of the entire sick elephant storyline.

(Which, by the way, you can now jump right to the start of by visiting sickelephant.com.)

Three places to hear my THOUGHTFUL VOICE

There’s just about a week left in the Kickstarter for the new book!

We’ve just hit a stretch goal which now makes the book 132 pages, instead of 128 (and, as I mention in the latest project update, way more than 110, which I had totally forgotten was the original plan).

Projects like these are fun, of course, but they’re also important chunks of my income AND useful market research as to what form future projects should take. So if you’ve been considering it but haven’t pledged yet, you’ve got just one more week to do so.

You can even get just a digital copy if you don’t want to own yet another book! I get it.

As I say in the update linked above:

…The truth of the matter is that the minimum print run on this project is going to be over double our current backer count — so the more money this campaign raises upfront, the less capital I’ll have tied up in inventory and the more money can go into my baby’s mouth.

Which is a big deal to me! I guess if you don’t know the baby personally then it’s probably less important to you and I RESPECT THAT. He’s a pretty good baby though.

Just to lay out the facts of the matter for those who are interested in the nuts and bolts. As the video at the top of this post implies, I like nuts and bolts! We’re all pals here, let’s be straightforward about this thing.

My many thanks to the folks who’ve pledged so far! I know it’s not for everyone, but the folks whom it is for, I want to make sure don’t miss it. So I’ll keep yelling about it!

[ Wondermark Volume 5  (+ previous volumes too!) on Kickstarter ]