the button was cleverly camouflaged to seem like just another rock
#003; In which a Scotsman proves resourceful
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A high-flying commission

Recently, reader Julie M. contacted me to ask if I could make a commissioned portrait as a gift for her husband’s birthday.

I rarely attempt portraits — and I’d never tried to make an actual likeness in the Wondermark collage style, where one is limited to the source material one can unearth — but in this case, I happened to get lucky in my search, and was able to create something approaching a resemblance from chunks of about five different source images and judicious use of the Photoshop warp tool.

Plus, Julie’s husband is a pilot, and there are few things that can get me more excited about a commission than the prospect of making a weird Victorian airplane collage.

I think it turned out quite well! (Click the plane for a closer look.)

All that is well and good, and I would have been happy to leave it there and chalk it all up to a lovely experience.


The other day I saw this tweet from the fascinating account @SovietVisuals:

A vintage postcard, reading “Greetings from Leningrad” on the tailplane; “Country of Soviets” betwixt the wings.

Everything old is new again, it seems.

My favorite part is how it appears that the pilot is sticking his head and arm through a canvas, upon which the airplane and landscape have been painted as a backdrop.

Julie, perhaps consider this technique for his next birthday. Everyone at the party can take a turn!

Wondermark at San Diego Comic-Con, #1229

It’s time once again for San Diego Comic-Con, and as per usual, I’ll be at the TopatoCo booth, #1229 (right next to #1234, which is how you remember it!).

I’ll be sharing that space with Ryan North, Brandon Bird, and, in his long-awaited return to San Diego after many years banned from entering the building, Sam Logan!

I’m sure we will come up with many excellent jokes in the many punchy hours we will spend standing next to one another — feel free to ask us what the current running gag is, at whatever time you see us.

On Sunday, I’ll also be participating in this panel:

Comics of the Internet: The Memes, the Myths, the Legends

Have you seen that one comic online? You know, the one that’s everywhere? What if you could talk to the creators behind the comics that broke the Internet? Now you can! comiXologists Matt Kolowski and Kiersten Wing chat with meme comic scholars and creators Hope Nicholson (Bedside Press), Megan Kearney (The Secret Loves of Geek Girls), Shen T. (Owlturd Comics), David Malki (Wondermark), and Nick Franco (Nuzlocke Comics) about the creative genius and little bit of luck that make these exceptional comics go viral!

Sunday July 22, 2018
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 29AB

I think they are going to ask me about that comic about the otter, or whatever it is.

Check out: Brahms’ Lullaby (Trance Mix)

Apropos to comic #1405, “In which a Beat drops”, astute Twitter follower @Subb4k found this trance version of Brahms’ Lullaby, by Full Trance Panic:


Each Wondermark comic is always posted to Twitter, you can follow us there @wondermarkfeed if you like! (Mouseover text is only here at the site, but at least you’ll be notified.)

Here’s an animated GIF of one of the key panels from the comic in question. I’m sure it can have many uses.