Read Wondermark + other comics on your iPhone, free!

You can now read Wondermark — and dozens and dozens of other webcomics — in an iPhone app, thanks to Comic Chameleon!

Comic Chameleon’s the brainchild of my friend Bernie Hou, a comic creator himself with “Alien Loves Predator”. There have been lots of other apps out there that harvest webcomics without permission, usually by scraping the images off our servers, and the app creators often charge for the app without paying anything back to the creators. Bernie’s doing it right — he contacted me and a bunch of other cartoonists, offered his development skills, worked out permissions and contracts, and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Now the app is out, and it’s great!

You can read, browse, and share the entire archive of Wondermark (and many other comics) totally for free — the app is ad-supported. (Bernie’s looking into a way to charge a buck or so to remove the ads.) An Android version is also in the works. But especially for a version 1 product, Comic Chameleon is really great and I recommend you download it and try it out! More information at the official Comic Chameleon site, natch.

“Hooray, now I can read the mouseover text on my mobile device!” — psssstt, click the black word balloon icon to the right and below each comic. The magic was inside you all along!

The one downside (in my opinion) is that Comic Chameleon only displays the comics, not these scintillating blog posts. So, enjoy reading comics on your phone or iPad — just remember to check in periodically to see what’s going on down here! Or, the official Wondermark Facebook and Twitter feeds will ping you whenever there’s something cool to check out, too.

Thanks, Bernie, for building such a neat app, and thanks to all of you in advance for giving it a whirl!

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