Wondermark in the wild

I’m always pleased when folks write (or Twitter) showing me how they’re enjoying their Wondermark tangibles, or (especially) how the folks they’ve gifted them to are enjoying them! This comes courtesy of Jeff, who has very handsomely framed one of my prints for his brother William:

I am not sure if William is cosplaying as the character in the comic or if I simply channeled him as I made it. (Minor note: this is an older style of comic print; the ones I offer now are somewhat larger and come unsigned.)

Twitter’s also great for getting these sorts of notifications — here are some other pics folks have slung my way recently (click each for their source):






A longtime fan!

UHH…KABAPP (running out of onomatopoeias here)

Lastly, this picture of “Bones” comes from Erin, a medical librarian at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center (and recipient of a Thanksgiving Project book), proving that there is in fact a place for my personal unlicensed-and-highly-specious brand of medicine in today’s medical establishment:

Finally, Davey has someone to play with.

Thanks for the pics, everyone! And if you have (or can take) pictures of yourself or others sporting any manner of Wondermark accoutrement, please send them to pics[at]topatoco.com — we love seeing that stuff, and it helps future customers see what the goods actually look like on living, breathing, flesh-and-blood human beings! (Nothing personal, there, Bones.)

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