Wallpaper for strip #463!

Thanks so much to Cory at Boing Boing for a very kind mention of the Wondermark holiday cards! We’re packing and shipping items as fast as we can, over here. Hey, here’s a wallpaper of the key element from the recent Back to the Future comic:

Right-click the link to save. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Wallpaper for strip #463!”

  1. Glad I jumped on those cards straightaway. I was only going to get the pins, but I actually have friends to send cards to now!

    Also: in August I wore my Revolution shirt through security at two airports (Dallas Love Field and Denver International) and nobody said a peep about the awesome graphic until I arrived in Denver and chatted with some airport employees, who thought it was hilarious that I wore it to travel.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for this, I have been looking for a new desktop for a while, one that was acceptable for the office and appealed to a certain sense of humour. I bought your Futurism poster because of my profession as a technologist, but I have yet to find somewhere I can put it. It was a speculative purchase for a time when I can decorate my own office. 🙂



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