Vote Commissioner Gordon for Cutest Dog


My friends Chris and Carly are saving for their wedding. The entire household’s getting into the act: Chris is selling books; Carly’s drawing commissions; and the third member of their home, Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon Hastings, is running for public office.

No dog-slash-chief-Gotham-law-enforcement-officer deserves your daily vote more than the Commissioner! And no couple deserves to be married in something somewhat more elegant than a cardboard box than Chris and Carly. Won’t you spare a vote for the poor pup? UPDATE: Thanks very much for all the votes! It looks like we’ve broken the site with the traffic. The Commissioner’s probably a shoo-in for the semifinals now, and I’ll post again when the finals (and another voting opportunity) roll around. Thanks everyone!

ALSO: REMINDER: This Friday, August 14, is the last day to get signed comic prints and/or signed books from me (probably not forever, but for quite a while at least)!


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