Video: Nikola Tesla at KPCC!


Here I am playing Tesla at Sunday’s event! My entrance is at 55:00 in the video.

Over the weekend I was pleased to participate in a Nikola Tesla event at KPCC, one of our local public radio stations in Los Angeles. Science reporter Sanden Totten (at left in the photo above) hosted a retrospective of Tesla’s life and career, and brought up scientists from the California Science Center and the Griffith Observatory to talk about the principles of electricity.

Near the end of the presentation, I got to play a time-traveling Nikola Tesla to do a brief Q&A with Sanden. If you ever get invited to dress up like a famous scientist and tell jokes, I highly recommend it.

Here is video of the event on KPCC’s site! Sanden plays Mayor LaGuardia’s posthumous remembrance of Tesla at about 54 minutes in, which precedes my entrance right at 55:00.

The event was a co-production with Sanden’s radio show/podcast Brains On, which is a science and education show for kids specifically. There were a lot of kids in the audience at this event and I hope they enjoyed it!

I have to thank Sanden for inviting me to participate, and also for providing me with the opportunity to take what should probably be my author photo for time immemorial.



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