Valentine’s e-cards

Two brief dispatches from Valentine-land. First, something I made for a few holidays past. I think someone found it recently while poking around on my server, since it made quite the internetty rounds a few weeks ago. In any case, it’s for you — it’s how I feel about you. Share with others, if you like!

(If, of course, it is how you feel about them.)

Then, there is this: My friend Kevin McShane is part of the force behind this. It is not for those feeling particularly, shall we say, sentimental. Should go nicely with some of you, then. Have at it.

1 thought on “Valentine’s e-cards”

  1. I liked this, its cute! (nalthough, you could hgave sent me one!!!!lol) Miss ya and Happy Bday to your girl hunny!

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