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Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me in the “Tweet Me a Story” contest last week! Yesterday I received word that I made it to the FINAL ROUND. Exciting! For the finals, I had to write another story (based on the provided word “tear”) and we shall soon see HOW I FARED.

This coming Monday is the final day to vote for Eisner nominees! If you’re a comics professional, including a webcomic creator, you are eligible to vote, which you can do right here.

This coming Wednesday is my Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death release party in Beverly Hills! Here’s the info and here’s a Facebook invite page with all the same info. Come get free sketches, free high-fives, and hugs that cost a dollar. But I pay you for any groping that might occur!

Finally! A kind chap named John Kenyon asked me some interesting questions, and I answered them. It is called an “interview” and you can read it right here! I like this one, because I asked John to ask me some new questions that I hadn’t been asked before, and he sportingly complied. Representative quote from the exchange: “So what I am saying is that who knew that angry-looking soldier in an 1887 engraving was actually mad at a tiny mischievous triceratops that only he could see?”

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