Time Enough at Last

In honor of my #Pintopia campaign, I thought it was time to visit these dodo friends again, since they are the subject of one of the pins!

They originated in comic #729 (with a brief cameo in #730 as well).

For each of my book collections, I have colored a handful of strips to make them special for the book. Occasionally I have then run the colorful versions later on the site, but I never reposted this one, until now!

I’ve shared it online a bunch this week – such as on Reddit – and I’m pleased to say that, despite being 13 years old, it still hits.

I rounded up some of my favorite comments and reactions here.

Our dodo friend is also the subject of a brand new pin design, which is available now as part of…


As I mentioned last week, I am launching ten brand-new pin designs!

It’s a crowdfunding campaign that is live RIGHT NOW through APRIL 18. You can get:

  • Any (or all!) of the nine new pins above;
  • Any (or all!) of my existing pin designs:

(which are also already available individually in my store)

Peter’s offering 25 (!!!) different tabletop-RPG-themed pins, celebrating his 25 years playing D&D.


You can read more about all different my pin designs over on the campaign page.

AND…if you’ve backed any of my Kickstarter campaigns before (and you use the same BackerKit account for this project), you will automatically get a free sticker set added to your order. A computer will figure this out!!

Launch Livestream

Peter hosted a livestream on our launch day, and I joined him for the first hour or so. We discussed my work, his work, the travails of both, and all kinds of interesting topics.

You can watch us here! Should you want to!!


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