Thanksgiving Project results P.2: Bloggers

So many good submissions for the blogger portion of the Thanksgiving Project! It was very tough to choose just ten, but thanks to specious criteria and pure caprice, here they are (in no particular order), along with my many thanks for all the kind words! Each blogger will receive an Artist Edition of Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death. LOOK FOR THEM SOON FOLKS

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1. Amelie Cherlin / Bajira!

This is impressive.

What is this thing? I don’t even know! It is totally impressive though and I dig anyone who goes to any level of effort for something silly like this — to say nothing of the fact that Amelie has somehow seamlessly cracked my entire genetic code. Thanks, Amelie!

2. Jonathan Johns / Intercepted Messages

…From the penthouse suite at the top of the headquarters of TopatoCo, David oversees all daily operations of a team of thousands of highly trained operatives whose sole mission in life is to ensure that the ‘humors’ infecting David are expunged, and spread virally to all of us.

As it was told to me, David woke from a Slushee-induced sugar coma, trapped in the basement of the Los Angeles Central Library where he was surrounded by books depicting 19th century woodcuts and engravings. While in his stupor, the characters in the images began to speak to him, and challenge his manhood, calling him a pansy-artist and both taunting and provoking him.

I also like this bit:

He has had an impressive life up to this point

Man, that terrifies me for some reason.

Thanks, Jonathan!

3. Robin McKinley, Days in the Life*

***Yes. I have the t shirt. If I’d been thinking ahead I’d be wearing it so I could make my annoyingly alert and healthy husband take a photo. If it weren’t for the sleet and the howling gale and so on and the fact that even crouched over the electric fire chafing hellhounds all over my body I’m still cold. Maybe next year Malki can come out with wondermark Shetland pullovers.

Reading Robin’s blog is like reading a Mark Z. Danielewski novel. I respect anyone who can’t muster the conformist attitude to write in a straight line. Also she sent me a ton of traffic so that’s worth an extra 16 points. Thanks, Robin!

4. Cathy Hamaker / A Cautionary Tale

…I have a signed comic on my wall, and a copy of Beards of our Forefathers in my bathroom. (Yes, the bathroom. Shut up. Don’t judge me.)

The bathroom is the best place for books of comics. AUTOMATIC WIN

Thanks, Cathy! P.S. I get them from squid books

5. Bailey Shoemaker Richards / The Reading Corner

…One of my favorite things about Wondermark is that despite its overt weirdness, it’s still relevant. It’s still showing me, as a reader, something to laugh at and simultaneously making me realize that I’m laughing at myself (and the people around me). I am frequently laughing out loud in public places about the latest Wondermark strip, even when I’m not reading it. Then I definitely resemble the people at whom Malki ! pokes fun.

I will definitely take these kind words, though I also will fully own “overt weirdness.” Thanks, Bailey!

6. Shannon Saar / Wighthouse

…A righteous example of the past triumphing, overtaking, and yet melding with an ever-burgeoning future. An age-old tale that obliterates the tired shroud of the mundane. A graphic marvel carved from the monolith of time itself. A paragon of mirthfulness defined as much by what it doesn’t say as by what it must. A willful communiqué to a jaded, humdrum society. A cross-hatched fairy tale that huffs the æther of absurdity in great whoops and gasps. A sophisticated comment on raucous mores that cannot be ignored. A scrumptious brainchild of one peerless, punctuated individual.

I like that, reading the full post, I got the distinct feeling that Shannon took a long, deep breath, paused a moment, then rattled off that paragraph at full speed. That is the best way to rattle things off. Thanks, Shannon!

7. Lisa / two loose teeth

…It’s meticulously crafted with vintage engravings in Photoshop, too. I know that because I recently watched part of a Let’s Make a Wondermark live stream. It was somehow funny, voyeuristic, fascinating, and slightly boring, all rolled into one.

I will also own “slightly boring.” In addition, Lisa previously blogged about my 2007 video, Me Vs. Comic-Con: Who’s Better?, so I’m glad she’s stuck around for the rollicking years since. Thanks, Lisa!

8. Carapace / Cara Geeks

…And if you like snarking on said Victoriana, Malki’s your guy. There are also strips where people ride Piranhamoose, so good news all around, there. And if you like excessive verbosity and a highly affected writing style, well, he’ll keep you occupied while I’m dealing with students and craft fairs.

Man, I am learning all about myself today. Shall I own “excessive verbosity and a highly affected writing style”? I would hardly be the pauper’s pedant that I claim were I to refuse this steaming, dribbling chalice. Thanks, Carapace!

9. Johnny Despair, Esq. / Not For You Studios

…his aesthetic sense is poised to pounce upon the exposed jugular vein of the steampunk/anachro-fashion movement like a beautiful, misunderstood vampire eager to drink it dry and not even give a shit and not even be beautiful but a disfigured old monster with horrible claws and barely human anatomy because that is how my vampires roll and jesus FUCK can I stop seeing Twilight ads in my fucking convalescence pretty pretty fucking please I know bitching about Twilight is now about as cool as bitching about Fox News but honestly I am sick and I do not need this shit all up in my eyes

An aesthete, a wordsmith and a Tweet Me Harder fan to boot! YES PLEASE. I particularly like this bit:

True story about Tweet Me Harder: I once listened to it so harder, that I was unintentionally talking like a weird Kris Straub/David Malki ! slash-fic lovebaby for days. It took three hours of listening to the Sex Pistols to cure it.

You’re welcome. Thanks, Johnny!

10. Adalee Velasquez / Velasquez Artistry

I'm with W.M.

Again, I have a soft spot for folks who make cool stuff like this, plus:

Always silly, sometimes juvenile (yes, he does some poop-jokes…), and occasionally brilliant

If I pass on owning “occasionally brilliant” I think I may never get another chance.

Thanks, Adalee, and thanks again to everyone who wrote!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Project results P.2: Bloggers”

  1. after reading the first one, I immediately said to myself, “well, that’s it, I didn’t deserve to win.” why you plucked my entry out of an ocean of creativity I shall never know, but thank you very much!

  2. Wait, I even have a mention in a contest that saw Robin McKinley show up? I required three viewings of the post to even begin understanding that this was not a random round-up of entrants, but actually your selection of winners! How is my newborn little blog here?? Not that I am at all unwilling to exploit caprice when it caprices in my favor. I am merely stunned.
    And also very, very grateful. Yea, unto tickledness. Thank you!

  3. Wow–I’m stunned! I look forward to eventually placing the complete Wondermark collection in my bathroom, for the edification of all my visitors. (At least all those who need to use the john, anyway.)

    Thanks! And thanks for calling my friend Elee on her birthday last year, you totally freaked her out.

  4. Zowie! That was a fun surprise! I’m honored and grateful to be in with such estimable blog company. Thank you so much, Mr. Malki ! Perhaps you are brilliant more often than occasionally… 🙂

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