Drawing & writing: Rabbi & Socrates

for the longest time I drew tortoises with elephantine feet

I should hasten to add that this drawing of Rabbi & Socrates that I found in an old sketchbook is a “latter-day” edition — it dates from 2000, a good three or four years after the original Rabbi & Socrates adventures. I remember drawing this as a sort of “fond look back.” I hope I can find some of the originals.

This particular piece, I believe, was drawn to accompany a Rabbi & Socrates children’s book manuscript (which never got very far along). However, I’m better at keeping track of old writing than old drawings. Here’s Chapter 1 from The Extraordinary Journeys of Rabbi & Socrates, written in 2000.


1 : Gregory

“I hate it when they fight.”

Gregory Elliott flopped onto his bed, the covers still undone from this morning, and buried an eleven-year-old head deep into a pillow. It was rather stifling, and smelled just faintly of shampoo and sweat, but it covered his ears and muffled the shouting that faded into his room from down the hall. He twisted about and dug his fists a little into the pillowcase, but the sounds were still there.

“I’ll just have to talk to myself to drown them out,” he said for no reason other than to say it. “It’s the only thing that works, really.”

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