Check out: Toupydoops

What if Hollywood was run by the comic industry, instead of by movies? If Marvel and DC were the big guns instead of Fox, Paramount and the like, and if starry-eyed youngsters moved to the city to audition for issues instead of episodes? Such is the world of Kevin McShane’s Toupydoops. It’s a great premise that Kevin pulls off pitch-perfectly, with clean artwork and sharp wit. Check it out!

Check out: BUG

After Tuesday’s strip, a reader informed me of a product called BUG, which is apparently exactly what the character in the comic pined for — a modular, expandable, programmable personal device with wireless Internet built-in and a bevy of attachments available, from cameras to GPS trackers to LCD screens. It’s a start, but truth be told, what I really want is a Swiss Army phone with a tape measure all spooled up inside ready for me to occasionally need it. I am pretty easy to please.

Check out: Mary V. Marsh


I’d never heard of the artist Mary V. Marsh until about a week ago, and right now what I do know can be summed up in three sentences:  For 365 days she drew on things.  The work was exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art in 1998.  I don’t know anything else.

But it is pretty interesting!  I am not alone in this idea that you should draw on whatever you like without regard for its “appropriateness” as a canvas.  There are some more great Marsh drawings here.