Check out: BUG

After Tuesday’s strip, a reader informed me of a product called BUG, which is apparently exactly what the character in the comic pined for — a modular, expandable, programmable personal device with wireless Internet built-in and a bevy of attachments available, from cameras to GPS trackers to LCD screens. It’s a start, but truth be told, what I really want is a Swiss Army phone with a tape measure all spooled up inside ready for me to occasionally need it. I am pretty easy to please.

Check out: Mary V. Marsh


I’d never heard of the artist Mary V. Marsh until about a week ago, and right now what I do know can be summed up in three sentences:  For 365 days she drew on things.  The work was exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art in 1998.  I don’t know anything else.

But it is pretty interesting!  I am not alone in this idea that you should draw on whatever you like without regard for its “appropriateness” as a canvas.  There are some more great Marsh drawings here.