Interview: RagingCheetah

Alan Shih from has published an interview with me conducted at the Wizard World show last month. I’m trying to get better at giving different answers in interviews, because I know diehard Wonder Women and Marksmen* aren’t really interested in reading the same old things over and over, but it’s not always easy on the convention floor when all day long I am giving an identical pitch to everyone who approaches the table.

From from now on I insist that all interviews with me be run through Babelfish half a dozen times prior to publication, and any errors that creep into the text as it flounders through six languages and back will become official Wondermark canon.

* get it

Interview: Half Hour Wasted

A podcast called “Half Hour Wasted” interviewed me at the STAPLE! show a few weeks ago! Here’s the episode — the bit with me starts at 24:50. I don’t say much that’s news to the dedicated Wondermark fan (“Wonderian”? “Marker”? “Marki”?); I should really start making up wildly divergent answers to interview questions in the future.

STAPLE! panel discussion

If you missed the most-excellent panel discussion at STAPLE! last weekend, you can sit in your room and cry, or you can watch the video! Either way. (There are a couple of swearies in it, I guess I should warn you. But not many.)

I’m screening Expendable today in Ogden, Utah at the Foursite Film Festival. Everyone in Utah is nice, and upon learning that I’m from Los Angeles, they inevitably tell me that “it’s a lot colder here than in L.A.!” YES THANK YOU I NOTICED

Interview; story; SPX wrapup

I had a really great time at SPX! Thank you to everyone who came to the show; it was a pleasure meeting you all. Achewood won the Ignatz Award, but that’s fine because Achewood is a great comic. Plus, a gorilla who may have been Chris Onstad accepted the award, so that’s hard to beat. I fully expect this video to win some kind of award of its own, in the same way that the telecast of the Oscars is itself eligible for an Emmy.

Dresden Codak finally has a brief wrap-up of our Portland appearance last month, as does Yates. Camille caught me napping as well.

In delightful news, I have a short story featured this week on the horror-fiction podcast Pseudopod! I actually wrote the story a while ago for a competition (and won an award for it), but never mentioned it because it couldn’t be read online. Now you can listen to the talented Dani Cutler read it aloud. It, uh, differs a bit from the normal tone of Wondermark.

Speaking of podcasts, I mentioned before that you can hear me on the current episode of Webcomics Weekly, but failed to add that you can listen online or download the MP3 without having to subscribe to the podcast: it’s “Episode 10” on this page. I was recovering from a bad cold on the day we recorded, so if I sound murky or addled, that’s what I’m going to blame it on.