New Hyperbolic stickers & new enamel pins!

I’ve been teasing these for a while, but the day has come — the new crop of Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers is now available!

[ Stickers on Wondermark Brand Dry-Goods. ]

Previously, stickers of this type were only available in preselected packs.

UNTIL TODAY. Now you can order any of my stickers (there are actually 38 different designs in total) à la carte.

I’ll put just one sticker in an envelope and mail it to you! I don’t even care. I’LL DO IT ALL DAY.

Oh — and I now have enamel pins too!!

Pins on Wondermark Brand Dry-Goods. ]

I am only an amateur pin collector myself. But I’ve been watching other artists make pins for a few years now, and it seemed like SO MUCH FUN from a design perspective.

And it is! I have a ton more ideas that I think could make for good pins. This first batch is (largely) adaptations of slogans that are also on stickers.

But there are some other design ideas I have that I think would work BETTER as pins than stickers, and I would very much like to make some of those. Maybe an animal set with a sea lion, a piranhamoose, an elephant on a penny-farthing…

That can come in time, though! First I have to see if people like these pins. Pins are REALLY fun to make, but they’re a bit expensive to make a ton of just on a whim.

I hope to add to the Wondermark pin collection over time, if folks are into pins!

A lot of times, when I have new store stuff to post, I find myself holding off, because I think “But I’ve got OTHER stuff to post before much longer, so I should wait a bit, and post it all together.”

This is a BAD STRATEGY because then months go by and things come up and I never make the post. I am trying to break the habit of being shy about stuff I’m making that you might enjoy.

So, yeah, fair warning, I’ll have other, different stuff to post about before long! Other stuff from this same store, even. But who can say when that will be?

In the meantime, the pins and stickers are available right this second! (You can also get books and puzzles and drink coasters and whatever else, too… Everything that used to be in the store is still there.)

[ Wondermark Brand Dry-Goods ]

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