Roll-a-Sketches from Emerald City ’18!

Here are a handful of the Roll-a-Sketch drawings I did for folks Seattle the other week!

Later this spring I will probably do a round of Roll-a-Sketches by mail, for folks who can’t make it out to a convention. I did it once before that way, and it was a ton of fun but also a lot of work!

If and when I do announce it, it’ll be for a limited window and I’ll tell the folks on my Patreon about it first.

I took out the commercial ads on this site, by the way (except for Project Wonderful ads, which don’t inject all kinds of weird tracker code into the website). Just had one too many complaints about something annoying auto-playing, or popping up on mobile, or generally making the site run slow.

Ads for years have been a bit of a necessary evil, but the money they provide is no longer worth having that garbage on my site, considering that their scripts get more invasive all the time. So I threw ’em out.

To replace the income the ads used to provide, I’m trying out site sponsorships through Patreon! There are two types of sponsorship opportunities now available as Patreon tiers. I’ll share the promotional messages of site sponsors here on the blog! Doing it on Patreon “keeps it in the family,” I think; it’ll be giving Wondermark readers with promotional needs the chance to reach other Wondermark readers, who by definition are tasteful, intelligent, and lest we forget, my mother. We’ll try it for just a bit and see if it’s a viable thing to continue doing.

In general, though, the commercially-served ads are gone for good, hooray!

SKETCH TIME! (Click the images for a closer look.) We’ll start with BATMAN VILLAIN + CHEERLEADER:




DOUGHNUT + MASTERPIECE (my friend who works at the Getty Villa approved of this when I texted it to her):


If you missed them, I’ve done some “deep dive” posts on Patreon writing at absurd length all about my favorite Roll-a-Sketches! Those posts are here.

And I just posted another Wondermark Archive Dive post for patrons only, that (and its free-to-read predecessors) are here! The new one is titled “Five Wondermarks That Could Improve The World.”

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