Talkin’ shop with podcast guest Brad Guigar

Following up on last week’s Patreon Special Offer announcement, thank you so much to everyone who’s joined the team! I’m very grateful for your support and I look forward to pumping your brains full of lovely things.

As both a thank-you to new patrons and a preview for non-patrons, I’ve made the latest of my “Malki on the Mark” podcast episodes — which are usually all Patreon-exclusive — free to listen to.

I thought this one in particular would be interesting listening to anyone who enjoyed the discussion about the survey results in my last post.

In this particular episode, I speak with cartoonist, podcaster, and smutmonger Brad Guigar.

Brad helps me dissect some of the survey results, and we also mull over the question of what sorts of premium content might be worth considering for my Patreon.

So I thought it would be great fun to DISREGARD ALL THAT FINE ADVICE and make this premium episode available for free! Enjoy!

…And an extra-special thank-you to everyone who’s joined up on Patreon at the $5 tier or above. As a reminder, I’ll send out the free downloadable calendars to all patrons at that tier or above on February 15th! (As described last week.)

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