Guest comic! Interview! Photos! Oh my.

it's the cool neww thing!

If you missed the New England Webcomics Weekend, mark your calendar now for March 2010, when it’ll be back bigger, better and (hopefully) just as awesome. If you were there, I hope you had just as much fun as I did! However, I believe this to be impossible, as I had the maximum amount of fun. I am in the one hundredth percentile of fun had. Gary does a pretty good job of doing it justice.

NEWW made for a wonderful kickoff to the convention season, and heaps of thanks and praise are due to Meredith, Rich, the TopatoCo and Dumbrella crews, the diligent volunteers and the building management at Eastworks. Here are some photos that some of the approximately 8 zillion attendees took at the show!

After the show wrapped on Sunday, new best-pal KC Green and I made a guest comic for Meredith! We thought it would save her some time, but I don’t think it did because she stayed up while we did it. We made her promise to post it blind, but really it didn’t matter because it’s not, like, dirty or anything. We didn’t go anywhere weird with it like some people might have.

Also over the weekend, a very nice profile of me appeared in the North Adams (MA) Transcript, which I think is an actual, ink-on-newsprint newspaper? I am almost certain that it is. Representative quote: “‘If I was just drawing a cartoon strip, I would one millionth-best cartoonist in the world,’ Malki said.” Thanks to John Mitchell for his dogged drive to make me known to everyone in North Adams!

Finally, I should probably mention the other places I’ll be lugging my charm to over the next few months: in just two weeks I’ll be in Seattle for the Emerald City ComiCon, one of my favorites; after that it’s Stumptown in Portland (April 18-19); the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 9-10); then MoCCA in Manhattan (June 6-7) before hitting San Diego in July. There’ll also be a Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death release party in Los Angeles somewhere in the middle there, and of course every state has their own Arbor Day. The list of “Upcoming Appearances” on the site’s sidebar (just there on the right, if you’re on the site now) can be your friend once this post has vanished into the Ozymandian dustbin of history!

Extra-finally, it should be reiterated that if you encounter me in person at one of these events or any other, the whispered word “huckleberry” will get you an immediate high-five in front of anybody, I don’t even care.

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