New shirt! “Unparsable Symbols”

In tenth-grade chemistry, I converted my name to an unpronounceable symbol, like Prince was doing at the time.

As I recall it was a bunch of math gibberish, like a compound expression inside a cube root, and Kilroy was peeking over the top of it, and the whole thing had an integral or something too. Mrs. Stockwell was tolerant enough to let me use the symbol on all my classwork, even going so far as to ask me which ASCII symbol she should use for me in the computer where she kept the grades.

The Student Formerly Known as David Malki (these antics preceded, and I suppose foreshadowed, the exclamation point) is no longer, but my fascination with preposterous semiotics continues. Thus my new shirt. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “New shirt! “Unparsable Symbols””

  1. I was tickled to pick up a sticker with this at HeroesCon; now I’ve gotta save my money to get the shirt as well!

  2. Is there any way to get this shirt in black?

    DM: It’s only in navy. But it’s a super dark navy! OR, bust out a Sharpie?

  3. Oh, you KNOW we’re gonna want to see the symbol you used for your name in 10th grade.

    DM: I wish I still had some evidence of it, old papers or something! But it’s pretty doubtful that I do.

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