New shirt: “Take It Apart”

Here is a new shirt based on my Rules poster!

Here it is! The unisex shirt is a white ringer; the ladies’ cut is solid navy. I’ve also taken care to print the ladies’ shirts on a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend — it’s the same fabric as my “Revolution” shirt and will probably be the softest shirt you own.


Why, this one! In this picture Tiffany is putting an “L” to her forehead to indicate “Listen, did you know that you save $5 automatically when you buy any three shirts from TopatoCo? Shirts such as…”

“…Steam-Powered Heart, or even…”

“…Engineering: Like Math But Louder.”

It’s a very complicated gesture, you see.

SPEAKING OF PICTURES — Classy Photo Contest winners will be announced next week! Thanks so much for your entries, they are delightful.

Buy the new “Take it Apart” shirt at TopatoCo!

5 thoughts on “New shirt: “Take It Apart””

  1. I am greatly saddened that this superlative shirt is available only as a ringer for men. I am extremely fond of cotton/poly, but will have no truck with your ringers, sir. Perhaps, on some further occasion, we may have occasion for commerce. But today is not that day, for there are pale loops like unto washers on the extremities of the design, and it grieves me Sir, truly it does.

  2. My son and I would really, really love the “Take it Apart” shirt in a child’s size. American Apparel kids’ size 4 yrs. In time for Christmas. Any hope?

    DM: Sadly, that’s not possible right now! But the Ladies’ Small is a very small shirt (size chart). Might still be too big for a 4-year-old, but for anyone else reading this, it might fit a bigger kid OK.

  3. I second Justin’s eloquent wish for a non-ringer for men. Would be an instant buy if available as such. Otherwise, very nice design.

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