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December at Wondermark has been sponsored by MDC features original comedy shows by some pretty interesting and talented people! The video above is the first episode of Pilot Season, starring Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Marc Maron, and others. Other shows of note:

Back on Topps: Jason & Randy Sklar — whom I would watch read a grocery list — star as the heirs to the Topps baseball-card fortune who must save the company after it is sold to Michael Eisner.

Wainy Days: A very Curb Your Enthusiasm-style show following the comedian and director David Wain through a series of problematic relationships. (A little blue at times.)

Temp Life: Following the travails of office temps and their managers at the nation’s second-largest cell-phone-button manufacturer.

MDC is also the home of many other shows you may have heard of before, such as You Suck at Photoshop, Cookin’ with Coolio, and Children’s Hospital.

Also did you know that a new Spinal Tap album came out in 2009? I wonder what is wrong with our communications infrastructure that I didn’t hear anything about it at the time. Here is a video promo for same on MDC, featuring the Spinal Tap guys now:


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  1. Coolio used to have a show there, I dunno if he still does, called “Cooking With Coolio.”

    It was very very weird.

  2. No, I didn’t know that a new Spinal Tap album came out in 2009. Thank you for doing your civic duty and bringing it to our attention. Good job- Art Responsibly.

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