Machine of Death: For your Hugo/Nebula consideration.

Machine of Death is now available in Apple’s iBooks! This and other data-crunching ebook news are reported over on the MOD blog:

We heard from ebook publishers and distributors warning us what we’d be missing out on by turning down their terms.

“We reach thousands of ebook sales partners,” they said. “Even if you do a Kindle version yourself, that’s only one of thousands of sales channels.”

“Are there really thousands of ebook sales channels?” we responded. “Why have we never heard of any but about five?”

Also, if you are a member of the SFWA and thus eligible to nominate works for the Nebula awards (only open through next week!), and/or are a member of SciFi Worldcon and thus eligible to nominate for the Hugos, we’d like to present two works for your consideration:

“ALMOND,” by John Chernega, in the novelette category;
“LOSS OF BLOOD,” by Jeff Stautz, in the short story category.

More details on the MOD blog here, and of course both stories are available to read in our totally free PDF. “ALMOND” has also been narrated in audio as part of our ongoing fiction podcast.

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  1. Never do business with anyone that tries to scare or coerce you like that. If they’re willing to be shady in their approaches to soliciting new works, they’re willing to compromise their ethics on other things. Avoid those publishers.

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