MACHINE OF DEATH is now available pretty much everywhere.

@Willetton shares an MOD sighting from a bookstore in Calgary, Alberta! I'VE NEVER EVEN BEEN THERE.

If you’ve been following the Machine of Death blog or Facebook, you know this already: Machine of Death is now available in bookstores across the U.S. and Canada.

Our little self-published book has been reported in stores all across the continent. This is tremendously exciting! Booksellers can order copies through our distributor, PGW, and you can get probably find copies in-person at your local store — or if they don’t have it, you can order it!

Just like a real book! THIS IS AMAZING.

ALSO, CANADIANS: It’s now available on

ALSO, EUROPEANS: It’s now available at The Book Depository for free shipping to the UK and Europe.

ALSO, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD: The Book Depository ships its books worldwide for free.

ALSO, THE UNCONVINCED: Check out this great review we just received from The Onion AV Club:

…Machine Of Death is a marvelous collection, riddled with intelligence, creative reach, and a frankness that makes the best use of the central gimmick. While the seed idea seemingly lends itself to twist-ending stories about people who try to evade their predicted deaths, there are only a few of those; more often, the stories examine how the death-predictor machine would change the world. […] Whether taken as an experiment in the new wave of self-publishing or as a proof of concept in the realm of artistic crowdsourcing, it’s a fascinating artifact and a really good read.

ALSO, BOOKSELLERS: If you stock the book, and like it, please consider nominating us for The Indie Next List! Being named to the list that goes out to indie bookstores everywhere would be a tremendous publicity boost for us. We’ve been so gratified to watch folks everywhere fall in love with our little project, and we’re trying desperately to use all the tools at our disposal to bring it before as many more eyes as possible.

SO FAR SO GOOD. Thanks for all your support so far!

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  1. I got this (a bit late) for christmas! I thought it wouldn’t be available in Germany, but my mom managed to get it thanks to her amazing internet savvyness! yay!

  2. I attended a book club meeting for “nerds” in Chicago last night, where MOD was the central tenet. it was very refreshing to discuss the book without this whole screen/fonts/typity business. (we all agreed the second volume will be even better than the first.)

  3. Book Depository emailed me to let me know that stock was available again. The same day, I ordered a copy to South Africa. Then I came home to find that my husband had done the same thing.

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