May Featured Item: ‘Expendable’ DVD!

At any given time I have about four to six new products for the Wondermark Store in various stages of completion. Occasionally I’ll have one or two ready for launch, but I’ll hold off making an announcement until I can announce several other things all at once — the logic being, that way I spend less time overall harping to you about the store and merchandise. The downside is that if some things end up taking really long to complete, earlier products end up languishing un-announced, sitting in boxes in my house instead of being sold.

In an attempt to solve this problem, I’m going to start announcing “Featured Item(s) of the Month.” This establishes a system for rolling out new products on a regular basis. Because I know that’s what you’ve been clamoring for.

The inaugural Featured Item for May is the Expendable DVD! (If you haven’t seen the movie I released earlier this year, you can watch it on YouTube here.) The DVD version of the film looks and sounds great, and the disc also includes over 30 minutes of bonus features including deleted scenes, A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. promotional videos (some of which are previously unreleased), and footage from an early test shoot. I should also mention that these DVDs are FREE to film-industry types or financial types that might move us an inch or two closer to our ultimate goal of making a feature film — but to everyone else, they’re a great way to help support this independent project. All revenue goes towards reimbursing our production costs. Click here or on the picture!

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