March Message Merriment

Wondermark fans are a special breed of person — they are rarely found in isolation. When I travel to conventions, I love meeting couples who email comics back and forth to one another, or who share the comics with their families and friends. That is what the Internet is all about! Contrary to what you may have heard, the Internet is not a thing unto itself, it is a medium for facilitating communication and connection between live human beings. It is a very long, very tangled string suspended in the air between a tin can that I’m speaking into, and one down the block or across the country or on the other side of the world that you’re lifting to your ear. Hellloooo over there!

So here is a cool thing that you can do this month. If there is someone in your life to whom Wondermark means something, I want to make their day special. There are three ways of doing this:

a charming missive!

Would your friend, relative or spouse get a kick out of a personalized greeting card from me? I can hand-write any message you like into any of my greeting cards, hand-address the envelope, and send it directly to a person you specify.

The cards can even be scheduled in advance to mail out at any point in 2009 — perfect for an anniversary or something coming up in a few months. One more thing off your list! One less thing for you to remember! How considerate you are! (I won’t tell your secret.)

a single tear!

Or, order a personalized card with a unique sketch inside! If you’ve seen me live-stream my sketching sessions then you know how wacky my drawings can sometimes get. A Unique Sketch Card is a great way to give your friend or loved one the gift of original art in the guise of a thoughtful gesture.


Finally, the third option! If you have a friend or loved one whose mind would be blown by getting a happy-birthday call from me, or a happy-anniversary call, or (especially!) a congrats-on-the-new-beard call — now such a thing is possible. During the month of March, I will call your friend for free, anywhere in the world. All you have to do is fill out this handy form to schedule the call. It may sound something along the lines of this:


A minor caveat to this final offer. I do not want to confuse people, or freak them out because I am a stranger who somehow knows their birthday. So please use a bit of discretion, and choose a person whom, when I say “This is David Malki ! from Wondermark,” they will know who the heck it is. This will make the ensuing conversation go much more smoothly.

This job is made wonderful by meeting and interacting with the many thousands of you who spend a few minutes twice a week coming to see what I have to say. Hopefully I can repay that joy just a little bit this month!

5 thoughts on “March Message Merriment”

  1. Hmm, seems like it’s tricky with Safari. I’ve disabled it for the time being, so you should be good to go!

  2. booooo guttural click! Malki! should be like the !Kung San tribe of the Kalihari, whenever Wondermark or “The Machine of Death” project have come up in conversation with my friends I go “I love David Malki[CLICK] ! Machine of Death isn’t canceled, they are just looking for the right publisher!” and then I start crying softly into my shirt sleeves.

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