MACHINE OF DEATH 2 — Video! Pre-order! Reddit AMA!

We are in EXTREME COUNTDOWN MODE for the Machine of Death sequel, This Is How You Die! Here are some IMPORTANT BULLET POINTS:

• We’ve made a super-cool video to introduce the MOD concept to people! My friend Michael Mohan directed it. WARNING: it features violence and attractive people in swimwear so DON’T WATCH IT if you don’t like that stuff.

FRIDAY, JULY 12 – 9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern – I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview along with Machine of Death co-editors Ryan North and Matt Bennardo, as well as many of the contributors to MOD Volume 1! We’ll be joining authors Cherie Priest and Robert Charles Wilson as we discuss the newest Humble eBook Bundle, which features the first Machine of Death book!

If you’re not familiar, the Humble Bundle allows you to name your own price for a whole bundle of top-shelf ebooks (by Neil Gaiman! Cory Doctorow! Wil Wheaton! Randall Munroe!) and support great charities at the same time. If you haven’t read the first MOD, this is one great way to get it, in whatever ebook format you choose, for a price that you choose.

Once it’s live, the AMA will be linked from this page.

• Regarding This Is How You Die. Matt, Ryan and I have worked super hard to make it the best book we can. It’s filled with great illustrations and comics by tons of cool artists whom you probably know (Aaron Diaz, Meredith Gran, Trudy Cooper, Ramón Pérez, Graham Annable, KC Green, Kris Straub, Ryan Pequin, Anthony Clark, THE LIST GOES ON). And the stories are our very favorites from the nearly 2,000 submissions we received from writers around the world. It’s a book we couldn’t be more proud and excited to share with you.

Last time, as you may recall, you helped us drive the first Machine of Death book all the way to #1 on Amazon. It was an amazing success that opened a lot of doors for us — including paving the way to make this book possible, which we love just as much as the first one (and which is a little longer, even!) We’re so grateful to everyone who’s shown support for MOD over the past few years, and we wanted to make sure we made exactly the book you’d want to read.

But how do you top being #1 on Amazon?
Only one answer:

We want to make this book a New York Times bestseller.

We want to make every single one of the contributors to this book into a New York Times bestselling author. To have any shot at it, we need to rack up as many orders as possible between now and July 20, which is the end of our first week of release.

The book is available for pre-order nowyou can get it from Amazon, or your favorite retailer. We think we have the best shot at the print-format list, but if you’d prefer an ebook, it’s available from all the regular ebook vendors too.

Or, if you’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con, you can pick it up from us in person — Ryan and I will be at TopatoCo booth #1229 (and we’ll be doing a formal signing on Friday morning, 11:00 AM. Also, every other time).

We’ve set up a page with the video, the book links, and even a FREE PREVIEW of EIGHT FULL STORIES from the book, in case you need to try a little taste first. All that info is at:

That’s the link to pass around to share the video, the ordering info, and the preview chapters. If you have other ideas about how we can spread the word, please leave a comment on this post! I’m keen to hear your thoughts!

JULY 20. We have EIGHT DAYS. You are going to hear about this from me a LOT.

Here’s the table of contents in case you’re curious! (click for bigger)

Thanks so much for your support! I wouldn’t be this loud if I didn’t really, truly believe that this book is worth your while. Five hundred pages of stories for about twelve bucks!!

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