L.A. locals: Take a crafts class with my wife!

You remember my immensely talented, wonderfully creative wife Nikki — she of the calendars, the pins, the Slügs and Doughboys, she of the special-effects makeup and many strange costumes, and even of many special future projects unrevealed as yet. Well, this spring she’ll be teaching an adult class at Santa Monica College entitled “Arts & Crafts to Share With Kids”. Here’s the course description:

Make the most of the time you spend with kids! Come learn about some fun, creative, and very appealing arts-and-crafts projects you can share with kids, whether you’re spending a quiet afternoon with your family, or having a lively meeting with your neighborhood youth group. Find out about the steps and materials you need to create sand candles, melted crayon pictures, Jacob’s ladders, ‘stained glass’ windows (no glass involved), and other awesome projects. You’ll leave this workshop with instructions, materials lists, and even a finished piece you create yourself, ready to share with others.

It’ll be a great class for parents, group leaders, or even just strange and crafty individuals. The class runs four Saturdays in April and May, and enrollment is open now!

7 thoughts on “L.A. locals: Take a crafts class with my wife!”

  1. She’s so hot I’d do the class if I was in the area even though I hate children. And craft. And doing classes.

  2. I’m not so sure posts which amount to “Stalk my wife, please” are such a good idea. Just make sure she takes her pet piranhamoose with her to class.

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