Hooray for Multi-Purpose Cards!!

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Hooray!! I’m so glad to see folks jumping on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter. Thank you so much for supporting the project!

I’m very pleased to announce that we have annihilated our pledge goal (as I write this, our total raised stands just above 300,000% of the goal amount).

That famous potato salad guy ended his campaign at 550,000%. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to demolish that record.

So here is my one and only stretch goal: If we break that record, I will add two more brand-new, downloadable cards to the PDF packet: a Save the Date card and an Invitation card!

Those are both cards that you may only occasionally need, but when you do, you’ll probably want more than two at a time. So they don’t really make sense to include in the main combination set, but they’ll be good to have ready and waiting for when they’re needed.

The downloadable PDF versions of the cards will post in a backers-only update, once the campaign ends.

That means that a pledge of any amount, whether you choose a physical reward or not, will get you access to those downloads, and a license to print them out as desired (for personal use only, please – contact me if you want to license or commission a design for your business).

Thanks so much for your support so far, I’m pretty excited to send the cards to you!

Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards on Kickstarter — 14 days remain!]

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