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Stripped: The Comics Documentary

My good friend Dave Kellett, and my new friend Fred Schroeder, have been making a documentary for two years now all about the changing landscape for comics as newspapers fold, artists find success independently, old models adapt to new, and people worldwide in many fields find the ground shifting beneath them.

Now he’s raising funds to finish the film properly. Dave has already invested over $30K of his own money shooting hundreds of hours of documentary footage — one hour of that with yours truly — and I can’t wait to see this film finished. It’s gorgeous, insightful, and perfectly timely.

Check out the trailer above or on the Kickstarter page! I have not one, but two quotes in the trailer. So you know it’s got severe issues with credibility great. And if you like what you see, consider pre-ordering the DVD or pledging further! (Dave’s good for it — and if not, I know where he lives.)

3 thoughts on “Help fund a comic strip documentary”

  1. If there’s that much material, why aim so low? Make it a TV series!

    It’s not as if there’s a shortage of potential Discovery-owned channels.

  2. I pledged. But If I don’t get my DVD, I expect you Mr.Malki to get it for me and enact retribution in my stead.

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