Original Gaxian watercolor for auction


Last year’s Wondermark Calendar, The Gaxian Almanac, featured 29 original illustrations of Gaxians (drawn by me, watercolored by Max Loren Shepard), exploring their unique and terrible way of life!

I’ve matted this particular one with an acetate overlay (featuring the text from the calendar page) and I am now offering it on eBay starting at just 99¢.

(Click any image for bigger.)


I had a lot of fun offering these originals to interested readers last Christmas, so I’m keen to share more of them. I have a handful of different paintings left from the calendar…but of course each is original and the only one of its kind.


Bid early, bid often! Enjoy!


Oh and if Gaxian paintings are not quite your style, I also have a severely water-damaged 1977 MGB manual if you want that. Maybe just for the cool textures??


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