From my inbox

From @noisetosignal: “This one’s for you: some of the world’s most elegant, most bizarre and most elaborate beards and mustaches.”

From Chris: “Just read strip #646 and for some totally odd and not unrelated reason it really reminds me of this photo of Jane Fonda, taken by none other than Dennis Hopper. Don’t know if it was her birthday or not, but it was definitely the dog’s.”

From Tim: “Hey David, ever noticed Sulawesi looks a bit like Gax?”

From Carlos: “Hi Dave, take a look at this: In which a box runs. Have some regards too.”

From Christine: “Here is a chart of the trustworthiness of beards. I thought you might enjoy it.” (Graphic by Matt McInerney)

From Kevin: Subject line: “Because monocles” Message body: “Are where it’s at”

Chris writes: “The latest comic is very reminiscent of a great humor video game, Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die! where Lincoln (it might have been the monument) rose and was 50 feet high. I believe he even shot laser beams from his eyes. But that goes without saying. You can see (or download it for free) here.”

Clint says: “This bad boy retails for $292.50. Not pricey enough to impress Shauna, but still a good chunk of change for a lamp with a dead turtle glued to it. I work for the distributor of this fine piece of home décor, and I will be posting today’s comic on the bulletin board.”

Regarding the Genre-Fiction Generator 2000, this note comes from Kyle: “Dear Dave… please also see THEY FIGHT CRIME.”

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