First look at the 2019 Calendar + sick elephant book! New greeting cards too.

Here are some pictures of the (presently in-production) 2019 Wondermark Calendar, Examining Ill Pachyderms: A Veteronorfian Field Guide.

If you have a wooden stand from any previous year, it will work with this year’s calendar as well — but this year we are also offering a 2019-exclusive wooden stand design, each of which will be signed and dated by me!

Those holes allow the legs to ship flat INSIDE THE STAND ITSELF, which satisfies my perpetual desire for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.

And, optionally with the calendar or just by itself, also available is the sick elephant book collection, The Elephant of Surprise:

I only printed a limited run of these for this season, so if they end up selling out, I’ll reprint them in January.

You can get any or all of the above right here!

And of course there will be an exclusive Cast Card — one of the final ones produced — available with the calendar or book as well.

As is true every year, the production and shipping schedule for the calendar is very, very tight. I cannot promise every order will arrive by Christmas — but there is a menu, when you order, that lets you select whether you do or don’t care about that in particular. UPDATE: I’ve shipped all I can before Christmas; everything else will ship in the first run of January!

I will prioritize shipping the orders for folks who say it’s important to get it by Christmas. And if you personally don’t care, I appreciate you letting me know that as well! I never really know how many of these things are purchased as gifts vs. purchased for oneself. Anyway, we will just try our best!

Turns out I will indeed have some new greeting card designs too:

These are available singly or in quantity, along with all of my other greeting card designs.

Greeting card orders are shipping without delay, since I know you have to receive them with enough time to send them back out!

More pictures of the calendar as I have them! About half of our limited run have already sold, so don’t delay!

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