Drawings: Artist Editions of my books

For a few months now, I’ve been offering the option to upgrade purchases of my strip collections to “Artist Editions” (a term I shamelessly stole from Dave Kellett). That means I’ll draw a unique sketch in each book!

I make no promise that the sketch will be particularly good, or that it will make any sense. But I’ll leave those qualitative determinations to you — below are a few examples of Artist Edition sketches I’ve done so far.

Click for bigger versions.

For more examples of my sometimes-awful sketches, check out the “Drawings” section here on the site (occasionally not work-safe). I’ll be posting more drawings over time — including more examples of Artist Editions I’ve done over the last few months, and continue to do for folks every day.

Also, all purchases of my print-only comic book “Treachery!” are Artist Editions by default (at no additional cost to you). That’s because the story in “Treachery!” is reprinted in the newest collection, Beards of our Forefathers — and the copies I have left of the separate “Treachery!” book are chirping at me like newborn birds, eager to spread their wings and venture forth into the wild, exotic lands of Your House. To encourage their expulsion from the nest (by way of commerce), I’ve made Artist-Edition “Treachery!” comics a cheap way for you to own some original art by me, if you care about such a thing.

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