Doughplane / Vancouver / Auditions

Ricki S. sent in this picture of a real-life doughplane! (Photo credit: Tim Walker.)

In two weeks I’ll be in Vancouver for the first-ever Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! I hope you’ll come say hello. We’ll be doing a Machine of Death game panel (similar to this one we did in Toronto last year) and it should be tons of fun. If you’re a Vancouver local and interested in volunteering at the show, you can check out the VanCAF forums.

I haven’t been to Vancouver since I was five years old, I look forward to remembering anything at all about it this time around!

NOTE: Due to a conflicting engagement, I will not be at the Bay Area Maker Faire this year. I know! I’m bummed too. But I will be at Jesse Thorn’s MaxFunCon in June, leading a seminar called “Victorian Portraiture the Easy Way!” If you’re a registered MaxFunCon attendee, activity signup is open now.

Zachary Bernstein (whom you may remember from his performance at the Machine of Death Half-Birthday Party & Talent Show) is putting on a comedy musical here in Los Angeles, and he’s holding auditions. Here’s Zachary:

“Disasteroid!” is an original musical comedy about a man who mistakenly believes that the world is going to end, and acts accordingly.

This is a NON-UNION theater show. No Pay. Will be performed at the Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood, August 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. Rehearsals start the first week in July.

We’re looking for comedic actors, who can sing just well enough or better. There will also be some dancing, but nothing too ambitious. The original songs have diverse styles. Actors auditioning for roles should be prepared to sing “Moon River,” “I Feel Pretty,” “Aquarius,” or a Beatles song.

Note: Ages of the characters DO NOT mean those must be the ages of the actors. This is theater, after all.

ALFRED EDGLEY (early 30s): Tax auditor pining to be a professional astronomer, timid at the office, but more daring in his spare time (Lead, 7 songs.)

MABEL BELLCOAT (early 30s): Wealthy philanthropist with low self-esteem, coquettish but doe-eyed and easily worried about what others think of her (Lead, 6 songs)

MITZI STERN (40s): Edgley’s unapologetic, tough, sadistic boss. She rules with an iron fist, and is constantly irritated by her subordinates and everyone else pretty much. This is a very meaty comedic villain role (Supporting, 1 1/2 songs.)

PETE PETTY (Any age): Edgley’s co-worker. A nice, harmless guy, but odd. (Supporting, 2 1/2 songs.)

To put your name in the hat, please submit to our breakdown on Actor’s Access. If you do not have Actor’s Access, please send a headshot and resume to: ztsbernstein [at] Thanks!

BONUS LINK: Last 24 Hour Comics Day, the French cartoonist “Boulet” drew a 24-page comic called “Darkness” that’s incredible. Do yourself a favor and read it immediately, it’s just great.

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