Check out: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

My wife showed me this video tonight, it’s adorable! Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

Apparently I am the LAST PERSON ALIVE to see this video that already has 18 million views? That’s okay! That’s what I love about the internet, that something can blow up and get huge and go nuts, and there are still millions of people that can stumble across it and have that same thrill of discovery years later. The Venn diagram of “people’s interests on the internet” looks kind of like someone knocked over a shelf of washers in the hardware store. It’s a million little circles, some big and some small, some overlapping but mostly not!

There’s a second video too:

And holy cow there’s even a book! It is currently #11 on Amazon in the category Books > Children’s Books > Animals > Marine Life. It’s o-FISH-ally a hit!

ALSO: This weekend I will be at the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair!

I will be bringing some of my dwindling supply of hardcover Wondermark collections. Come check it out, it’s as if Etsy exploded in a park. Free to gawk, plus I’ll be doing Roll-a-Sketches!

Nothing will stop me from doing Roll-a-Sketches for the rest of my life unceasingly

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