Caption Contest #4 now open!



Let’s do another caption contest! It’s been a while since the last one.

The overall winner of this contest will get an autographed print of this image with your caption rendered CANON. Update: This is over now! Here are the winners!

And, new this time, I’ll also award the Achievement Card below to all winners and honorable mentions! Participating in this contest will be the only way to get this particular Cast Card, which will be Card #12.

off balance for life

You can enter by leaving a comment on this post or leaving a comment on the corresponding post on the Wondermark Facebook page (where I also post the new comics each update). Please don’t duplicate the same comment in both places.

Single sentence captions are best, and you probably won’t get far with anything too vulgar or profane. Enter as many times as you like between now and midnight Pacific on Tuesday, July 12.

Also, just for fun AND/OR your own research and reference into the sorts of things I and my crack team of judges find funny, here are the archived results of our previous caption contests.

Good luck!!

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