FIRST LOOK: Wondermark Calendar, YEAR X


Coming soon: it’s our landmark TENTH YEAR of the Wondermark Calendar. This one’s going to be pretty special, because I have a workshop now, and I like to make things. (Although the design above is not quite final.)

I think a warning is fair: Patreon subscribers will get the very first crack at them, a day or two before everyone else. We have sold out of our limited runs every single year the calendar has been offered.

This year’s calendar won’t be a story, like the last two years — it’ll be more similar to the Gaxian Almanac (2013) or the Roll-a-Sketch Yearbook (2014), a collection of character vignettes.

It was going to be kind of dark, like it has been more years than not, but after the tumult of last week in the news, I scrapped my existing plan and started over.

Instead, it’s going to be silly. You’re going to enjoy having it on your desk for a year. The goal is for it to bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it.

More information coming soon!!

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