The man is checking his email for the steps to a dance that will forcibly repel ants from his trousers. He has a chronic condition.

Was I lying on Tuesday? Possibly. Was it all a grand April Fool’s gag that everyone took as a lighthearted jest? Judging from the many heartfelt emails, perhaps not. Thank you for the kind support, everyone! Back to Victorian engravings we go.

Here’s something that will make it up to you: the online anthology Dark Horse Presents has just published an original 8-page Wondermark story! A spiritual successor to my print-only comic book Treachery!, the new story is entitled Ransom!, and was a ton of fun to make. It contains Victorian engravings aplenty, people who emailed me

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Here is a long interview about creativity and making things!

I did this podcast interview a while ago and I don’t think I shared it at the time. 

It’s pretty interesting I think! Put it on while you do the dishes or something, maybe you will be inspired. 

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